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All water filtration methods are not equal. While there are many ways to improve water quality, the only way to remove 99.9% harmful unwanted contaminants is distillation. Most all water supply is regulated for contaminates and major water sources for such cities as New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and just about every other city have consistent detected amounts of Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium, Chromium, Fluoride, Cyanide, Selenium, Thallium, Mercury and nitrates as well as other chemicals which come from sources such as discharge from metal refineries, petroleum refineries, pipe corrosion, discharge from steel mills, runoff from GMO fields, pesticide agricultural runoff, discharge from plastics plants and drug and chemical plants. The contaminants are known and proven to cause a variety of health issues.

AguaBody does not rely on inadequate water filtration methods which are common to refrigerators, carbon filters, water purification or reverse osmosis. AguaBody starts with distillation which is the only method that can eliminate contaminates to the 99.9% pure level. Typical water filters are carbon or reverse osmosis membrane based systems and can remove some chemicals, particularly organic chemicals. This improves the smell and taste of the water for many consumers, but there still may be a variety of contaminants left behind in their drinking water. Reverse Osmosis is fairly good at removing dissolved salts when the membrane is new, but cannot be relied upon to remove bacteria or viruses, especially when the water has no residual chlorine present. As Reverse Osmosis membranes age, the pores in the membranes become larger and allow more and more impurities of all kinds to pass through into the treated water.


By far, the most effective water purification method is distillation and it will always be the Gold standard in water purification.


AguaBody, produces the finest pure distilled water with optimized mineral and pH chemistry.


Drinking distilled water is the only way to truly protect oneself from unknowns in the water supply, whether they be chemical or biological for that matter. AguaBody, produces the finest pure distilled water with optimized mineral and pH chemistry custom designed for your personal blood fingerprint.


AguaBody goes a step further and optimizes water chemistry to perfect body chemistry. Our water is distilled to eliminate contaminates to the 99.9% pure level. From there we add back the lost natural minerals that your body needs such as calcium, magnesium and other natural minerals in an amount that has been mathematically optimized with the computerized formulas for your specific blood fingerprint on the Foodie Body network.